Make ‘Control’ the PowerPoint of your business

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July 25, 2017
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August 10, 2017

Make ‘Control’ the PowerPoint of your business

It is easy to trust your team, but it is wise to establish the basis of such trust. Built such system for your office that shows you the Key performance indices for your team and for your projects as well. This way you can control your team, either give them bonuses as appreciations or warn them of their performances. Ultimately, this system will help you in building the most productive team.
‘Smart Track’ brings such system that offers the utmost in transparency, traceability and secure architecture.

Employee task management
Smart Track provides the extensive logging capabilities, which helps in keeping the track of everything within your organization. Every data or task that is entered in the software is assigned to the particular employees or personnel. The key performance index i.e. ‘team performance’ is calculated on the basis of the action performed by the employees. This particular KPI can provide you with the insight about the employees’ behavior and their attitude towards work and the way they are meeting the deadlines.

Security and Access rights
Smart Track provides the security against data hacks and even from employee data manipulation through access rights. The database can only be processed by the authorized individuals. The prior way of setting up the access rights is to assign every functionality including the ‘deletion’ of any information only to the project manager. The document controller can add and update the information. The rest of the project team can view the data. These rights can be customized according to your project’s requirements.
Hence, ‘Smart Track’ provides you with the task control solution for your business.

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