How to overcome employee resistance, while converting to paperless environment

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July 20, 2017
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August 1, 2017

How to overcome employee resistance, while converting to paperless environment

Employees’ resistance to change is a commonly experienced exception in the corporate environment. When the businesses invest and implement a solution, for instance; the paperless environment, in order to increase the collaboration of work and the productivity, the employees are expected to wholeheartedly embrace the decision. The situation is not that much ideal in reality. In reality, the acceptance of these changes are easier desired than carried out. There is always some extra push required from the employer so as to implement the change fully.

Below are some of the amazing approaches, which the employers could follow in order to overcome such barriers to change in their organizations.

1. Education & Training
The first step of implementation is to guide your employees by explaining to them why you hand-picked the solution. Communicate the benefits & features derived from this solution and why is it better than the way processes were previously conducted. The more the employees get familiar with the new solution or product, the less they will be against the transition. In addition, don’t expect the expert reaction from your employees. Be lenient with the productivity chart and allow the mistakes if necessary.

2. Welcome feedback
Listen carefully the valid reasons of resistance of employees by talking to them on one-on-one basis. Welcome their feedback and discuss with them the pros of the solution you are bringing in the corporate environment. In addition, focus your target on their capacity building. The sooner the employees accept the change, the better the outcome will be.

3. Select the product champions
There is always one or more employee that is the best people’s person and is/ are liked by the rest of the employees. Make such employee the product ambassador. When the employees get the positive influence from such people, they get more reluctant to the solution. The pre-step for this approach is to teach the product champion the ins-and-outs of the solution/ software so they can answer any questions that co-workers might have.

Appointing an expert in your office allows for employees to express concerns and difficulties without reservations about having to expose their inefficiencies to management.

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