Five major steps in implementing ‘Smart Track’

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August 1, 2017
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August 22, 2017

Five major steps in implementing ‘Smart Track’

When you decide that you need a project management software, the first thing is to interview the key stakeholders. This is the means of defining the organizational needs and requirements. This will provide the manager a chance to influence the initialization of ‘Smart Track’. Below is the description of each step of implementation of ‘Smart Track’ in your organization.


Once you narrate your needs and requirements, we will be able to customize the software as per say. ‘Smart Track’ has the capability of customization not only at the module level but also at the forms’ field level. It all depends on your requirements.

Let us help you set ‘Smart Track’ according to your requirements. If you want only the document and task management, we will provide you with the relevant modules or otherwise, all. You can select from the list of modules. Add however many users/ stakeholders you want to add up.


The implementation is as easy as setting up a domain. Once, the domain is set, and all the customization is done as per the clients’ requirements, the software is good to go.

User Acceptance Testing

Once the software is ready to use, the user acceptance testing provides every relevant stakeholder the ability to walk through the entire process of the data entry and record management using the software ensuring the end-user experience is as expected, routings are working, and any data updates are correctly occurring.


Before rolling out to production, make sure all parties involved know how to process the software. This includes the end-users who are managing the data, and approvers who review and act upon the information in the entries. Make sure everyone knows how to handle and process the data/ information.

Go Live

Once User Acceptance and Training are complete, you are ready to go-live with ‘Smart Track’. Make sure to set aside some project time to account for the unexpected, whether there are design changes that were unforeseen, or simply questions related to change. You will want to make sure to remain involved so that successful adoption of the software is achieved by all.

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